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Bulk Blast Skid Mount





  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS standards and requirements.
  • 12 month third party pressure vessel certification supplied with every pot.
  • Gatekeeper air control valves.
  • CLX air-bleed type pneumatic deadman handle.
  • T-Valve abrasive control valves provides precise metering, easy maintenance and immediate shut off.
  • Moisture trap, exhaust muffler, standard width forklift pockets, pressure regulator, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, quick connect air fittings, blow down mode control, free flow piping and main air isolation valve as standard.
  • Four blasting outlets.
  • Abrasive cut off for abrasive air blow down.
  • Butterfly type loading valve with pneumatic locking device.
  • 4000L (120ft³) abrasive capacity, 125psi pressure rating.
  • Pressure hold deadman system.
  • Electric and pneumatic deadman controls available.
  • Skid mounted.

Common Applications:

  • Multiple-operator, on site industrial and commercial blasting.
  • Large Blast Room applications with and without abrasive recovery systems.
  • In situ blasting in shipyards and slipways.

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