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Containment Sheeting

Premium Clad containment sheeting is Clear, Heavy Duty Polyethylene Sheeting over a tear resistant 2400– 3000 denier polyethylene reinforcing grid mesh, environmentally friendly materials (PE + PE) are used. 70mm wide Reinforcement Bands with pre punched grommets are fitted lengthwise on each roll for increased strength and security. Premium Clad containment sheeting has Eyelet Bands with Die-Cut Grommet points spaced every 100mm for super adjustable scaffold attachment.




Premium Clad re-inforced Heavy Duty Polyethyene Sheeting can be used for weatherproofing and containment of dust, debris and Blasting Media, to protect workers, job sites and the environment in Abrasive Blasting, Painting, Painting and Building Construction applications.

Typical Technical Data

Composition 2400-3000 denier polyethylene yarn encased in low density polyethylene film
Temperature Performance Minus 40 to plus 80 degrees Celsius
UV Protection Maximum UV Stabilisers for high durability
Light Transmission Approximately 70-80%
Roll Dimensions 2m wide 45m long
Weight Approx 250 grams per square metre (generally 200-280gsm)
Thickness Approx 0.23mm (generally 0.20-0.26mm)